Monday, October 1, 2012

Make Your Lips BEE-Utiful with Lypsyl

Found the PERFECT lip balm of all time thanks to Influenster.  I received a tube of Lypsyl for free in my September 2012 Naturals Voxbox. Lypsyl is an amazing lip balm with Moisturizing Swedish beeswax and Organic Shea butter. It also has Coconut oil, and vitamins E and A in it making it an amazing concoction for you lips.  My lips were so chapped after water aerobics the other night, so I put some of this on over night, and the next morning, my lips were as soft as they could be!  My oldest daughter loves it too.  We especially like the little bee on the side.  It's seriously just TOO cute!.  Check out Lypsyl on their Facebook Site by clicking HERE.

Serenity trying it ou

Cute Little Bee to push up balm

Awesome Stuff!


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