Friday, August 24, 2012

August 2012 Birchbox

This month's box was  BUST.  The theme this month was "Beauty School" and it did include this really cool fold out card with tips and tricks on it.  I did like that.  And there was a Schick 5 blade razor included as an extra, which basically paid for the box.  So that was nice.  And a really nice perfume. As for the rest, it was a bunch of junk that shouldn't even classify as DELUXE samples.  ESPECIALLY the Stila sample (You can see below).

Everything that was included in my box.  4 "Deluxe" samples (Yeah right) and an extra (The Razor)
I received the following:
Stila Foundation Sample Card: All Day Foundation/Concealer/Beauty Balm
YuMe: Moisturizing Skin Cream for hands, heels and lips
Viva La Juicy: La Fluer
Whisk: Shave Cream
EXTRA: Schick 5 Blade Razor

Stila: I haven't tried it yet, because I haven't gone anywhere to really wear makeup.  And since it's a one time use, if that, I don't want to waste it on just hanging around the house.  I am extremely upset with this sample.  It's super tiny and I would not classify this as a deluxe sample.  I could probably get a bigger sample going to to Ulta and asking for a sample of it.

YuMe Moisturizer: There really isn't enough in this sample to try on my hands, heels AND lips, but I did try it on my lips.  It smells a little weird and has the consistency of Vaseline.

Viva La Juicy: La Fleur....I will probably be purchasing this perfume.  It smells so nice!  It has hints of fruity top notes combined with heady honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine.

Whisk Shave Cream:  I didn't take a picture of this sample, but it has a nice thick creamy texture, and smells really nice.  It helped the razor glide across my legs pretty well too.

Schick Razor:  BEST ITEM IN THE BOX!!!!  Nice addition to the box, and actually made it worth getting.  Also, the $4 coupon for refills was awesome.  :)

All in all, if this was the foreshadowing of future boxes, I would cancel right this minute.

August Myglam 2012 (Better Late Than Never)

This month was amazing.  The only thing I didn't really care for was the perfume oil, only because, on me, after a little while, it starts smelling plasticy.  Not really sure how else to explain it.  LOL  As for everything else, I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I AM SO SO SO SORRY!!  I haven't been on in over a month.  >_<  As this very moment, I'm TRYING to upload a video from my tablet.  My tablet doesn't make that God Awful sound that my camera makes.  So, I may have to deal with the crappiness of the editing until I can go out and purchase an actual handy cam :)  But as soon as the video uploads, I'll post it :)