Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 2012 Myglam (Now Known as IPSY)

Over all, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my Ipsy bag :)  The lip gloss isn't sticky, the nail color is beautiful, the bag is adorable, the brush is nice and I haven't tried out the split end cream. :)
If any of you want to purchase the Ipsy Bag, got to  Because from now on, they will be PERSONALIZED!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fortune Cookie Soaps: Fall 2012 Soap Box

OMG.  That is the only explanation about this box.  It's like fall in a small cardboard box!  I decided to do an unboxing video this time so you guys could see my initial reactions to it.  After the video, I'll review the products I've used, and give a break down on how much the box is actually worth so you can see how the price compares to the actual products. :)

(YES, This is also my channel, Atomicbombshell2005 account isn't verified for videos above 10 minutes)

Look at all the yumminess!!!!!  Anyway, let me explain how much everything costs for the full size, then broken down to see how much each "Sample" is worth.  I put sample in quotations, because their samples sizes are HUGE!!!

Facial Mask: Retails for $6.99/4 small baggies.  One Baggie is worth $1.75
Whipped Cream Lotion: Retails for $9.99/4 Samples.  One Sample is worth $2.50
Bath Milk: $12.99/12.5oz.  Assuming the sample is a 1oz Sample, it's worth $1.04
OCD Hand Sani: Full Sized product in box.  Worth $2.89
Lip Scrub:  This was not on the site, but I compared it to their lip balm.  $3.49
Eco Suds: $6.99/4oz Bag.  Does 10 Loads.  Assuming Sample is 1oz. worth $1.75
Bath Fizzy: Full Sized Product (Different prices)  $4.50 was comparable.
Fortune Cookie Soap: Full Size.  Average price is $3.00

Everything in my box smelled like heaven.  Before I took a bath last night with a half a bag of the Bath Milk and the fizzy, I applied the lip scrub, which made my lips extremely soft.  I also used the Pumpkin mask (Which yes, did smell like Pumpkin).  I also washed with the Marshmallow soap.  After getting out, I lathered the Whipped Cream in Snickerdoodle all over my body....and went to bed.  Even now, at Noon, I STILL smell like the lotion!!!!  And my skin is SUPER soft!   I'm actually about to use the Eco Soaps today to wash some laundry.  :)  I can't wait to try it out!