Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Vacation :)

My husband is in the US Air Force, so currently, we are stationed out in AZ.  We've been here for 3 years, and really miss home.  This was the first time we've gotten to go home since we've been out here (Well, I got to come home for 4 days for my 10 year highschool reunion, but it was such a whirl wind trip I didn't get to really VISIT).  This time, we took 25 days (June 4-29) and went to North Carolina and Tennessee.   (I'm from NC, he's from TN).  It was so nice seeing family, and just not being in Arizona for while.  Arizona has it's charm, but it's not HOME.

The plane ride was crazy.  The runway here in Tucson is very short, so the pilot of our initial flight slammed on the brakes a little too hard when landing, and broke the landing gear.  So we had to find another plane because Delta didn't have anymore going out East.  It was a huge mess.  We had to get our luggage, get our names on another plane, then go BACK through security all with two small children.  Two hours AFTER we were supposed to have taken off, we were on our way.
Dresden in the Airport waiting on our plane.

Serenity ready to go!

By the time we actually got ON a plane, my two year old was DONE!  She screamed until we took off and then she passed out.  (I bet the other passengers were super happy about her being asleep!  LOL  They were all trying to offer me candy, and drinks just to get her to shut up).

After her melt down.

My 5 year old loved every minute of being on the plane.  She looked outside, colored and played with her Nintendo DS and took all sorts of crazy pictures.

We finally got into Charlotte NC around midnight.  Two hours AFTER we were supposed too.  We were DEAD tired, and hungry.  My parents picked us up, and we headed up to Denny's in my home town and grabbed a bite to eat then went home and DIED.  LOL

North Carolina was so pretty while were there.  The weather was GREAT!  It was in the 70s which was nice because we had left 100s.  It was also nice to have GRASS between my toes. And to see Queen Anne's Lace blooming!

June 6, we watched the Transit of Venus.  Apparently, it won't happen again until 2117, so it was basically a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT!  We ended up getting pictures of it.  It was really neat to see.  
Picture I took of the Transit of Venus

Half way through our trip, we went to TN for a week.  It was nice seeing Derek's tiny home town of Palmersville, TN (Close to Martin TN, for those of you that don't know...which is about an hour east of Memphis).  We visited with family and friends and played with some guns and riffles.  (Yes, us Southerners think that's fun!  LOL)

We spent a lot of time outdoors in TN.  Derek's parent's have an amazing breeze way close to flowers and bird feeders.  It was really awesome.
Derek's childhood home

The girls with Derek's brother, Jamie

Visiting family was very important too!  

We also ate at KN Rootbeer (Which is a little drive in there that has awesome pizza burgers)

We even got to see a property out in Palmersville that was featured on American Pickers.

We of course had to get a picture of Dresden next to a DRESDEN TN sign (Because that's what she's named after :)  )

After we stayed for a week in TN, Derek's parents took us to meet my parents in Pigeon Forge TN.  On our way there, we stopped by the Hermitage House (Andrew Jackson's house).

On I-40, outside of Knoxville is where Derek and I physically 7 years ago and have been together ever since.  We met at a Waffle House when he came to pick me up for his brother's funeral.  Here's the Waffle House sign on I-40.

We only stayed the weekend, but we had fun. We went to Dixie Stampede and let the girls ride go carts and other carnival rides.  Also while we were there, we got a family picture with Derek's parents and my parents :)  I am very happy that our two families got together for this!

Loving on his girls in the hotel room <3

After we got back to NC, there was a lot of swimming in my parent's pool, hanging out with friends and eating out.  Derek and I even got some dates in :) 

Date night with Derek in an empty theater.  We watched Men In Black III

Spent time with my friends from highschool at Lake Bowen.  We swam, sunbathed, went out on the boat and played The Michael Jackson Experience on Wii at Jessica's Lake house!

Sarah, Carol, Me and Jess

For my upcoming birthday, my girls took me out for my birthday to get a Pedi and for dinner!

Carol, Me and Sarah

Ryleigh and Jessica

We really had a great time!  I hated having to come back to Tucson, but when duty calls, you have to answer.  LOL  We are hoping to put in for a Base of Preference when Derek gets back from his upcoming deployment.  We really are hoping to get Charleston SC so we can be closer to family and friends.  

Here's random pictures from our trip: