Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scentsy Plumage Plug In Warmer Review

I was asked by a friend of mine Michelle Smith, who sells Scentsy to do a review in exchange for a free plug in Warmer of my choice.  So of COURSE I said yes and chose the Plumage Plug in Warmer :)  This Warmer has a gorgeously etched porcelain feather that glows against a smooth sea of peacock green.


When lit, you actually see a warm glow illuminating from the feather!  It's gorgeous!  I have really enjoyed it.  The warmer plate can hold NO MORE than 3 Scentsy pieces from a bar.  The only complaint I have with this warmer is it gets a little hot to the touch.  Not enough to
BURN you per say, but enough to let you know you are touching it, more so than my
Larger warmers that I own.  It takes a light bulb specially designed for it from Scentsy, so you have to order one if yours burns out for $1.

This little beauty retails for $20 and you can buy it on my friend Michelle Smith's Scentsy Site.  Host a Party, and you could get it and a bunch more for FREE or 1/2 Price!  Well worth it!

And now for some LOVELY pictures of my Warmer!

Lights Off, Beautiful, inviting GLOW

Hot to the Touch, but not enough to BURN you.  Also great comparison of how big the warmer is vs my hand.

2 Chunks of the Bar in the Warmer Plate here.  I'm using Central Park Pralines in my Warmer today.  My house smells so yummy!  Food smells are my favorite.

Oh Goody! I Got an Amazing Goody from Goody!!!!

LOL, that title was a mouth full!  And a huge play on words!  But it's the truth!  I got an amazing little goody from GOODY hair products in my 2012 Beauty Blogger Voxbox from Influenster.  I got the set of Spin Pins that make the Messy Bun a breeze to do!  And seriously, they work awesome.  I usually have to use about 10 bobby pins to achieve what these little babies can do with just two of them!  :)  And they don't "Lock" in your hair like two crossed over bobby pins do, making it super easy to take down you hair after a night out when you are ready for bed!  I love these little guys and highly recommend them to anyone with long hair :D

Two Is the Magic Number!  It's all you need to create a cute hair style!

Double Messy bun!!!!  Love the Goody Spin Pins!

Not-ta Momma! And Proud of it! (Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Cream)

Thanks to my 2012 Beauty Blogger Voxbox I got from Influenster and a product included in it from Not Your Mother's brand, I now have found a new Frizz Control cream!  Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream is amazing!  It smells great (Like a tropical island due to the Coconut yumminess that flows out of the bottle when you use it).  It has a nice and thick texture, but doesn't weigh down your hair!  It's also not sticky which is a bonus and leaves your hair feeling extremely soft while controlling crazy fly aways!  I highly recommend this product!  So give it a try!  :D

Smooth Moves Frizz Control Cream :)

Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Cream used on my hair makes it soft and manageable!  It's an awesome product!

Smexy Lashes that are EASY to apply!

I think one of my favorite things out of my 2012 Beauty Blogger Voxbox from Influenster was my Kiss Nails Ever PRO Lashes.  These lashes were amazing!  They were very full and luscious and super easy to apply thanks to the wand that came in the glue and the "tweezer lash applicator".  Also, Kiss has made it to where it's easy to removed them lashes from the packaging so you don't damage the lash and lose it's natural eye curve.  They have seriously thought of EVERYTHING when creating this amazing product!  A+ and I highly recommend them!

Nice packaging lets you see what you are getting.

Easy directions on how to remove lashes!

Slits help to remove lashes without damaging them

Very full looking lashes!


NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact Review

This was a nice surprise to get in my 2012 Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox.  The NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact came with everything you need to create the PERFECT smokey eye, and it's made for YOUR eye color.  There was only one problem with mine....I got the "FOR BROWN EYES" palette and I have blue eyes.  Even with this hick up, it still created a BEAUTIFUL neutral smokey eye.  It came with everything you needed.  Primer, Illuminator, Lid, crease and highlight colors!  A very nice palette and with retailing for only $4.99, you can't beat it!

Extremely nice Palette!!!!
This is the BROWN EYES palette

The palette in use!!!!!  Very nice colors.

Mini Candle, GIANT Scent!

I received a free mini candle in my Beauty Blogger Voxbox from  Influenster and Bath and Body Works . It was a White Barn candle in the scent Nutmeg and Spice and OMG did it smell amazing.  Yes, I put that in the past tense because it's already gone, and I loved it so much, I went out and bought another!  LOL.  A three wick this time around so it'll last longer!  :)  The mini candles are normally $3.50, but as of right now, Bath and Body works is having a sale, and you can get 2 for $5!!!!  Great deal!  They make GREAT stocking stuffers!!!!  The larger 3 wicks are on sale right now also!  2 for $20!  They are normally $20 a piece!  GREAT DEAL!  I ended up buying 2 large 3 wick candles the other day (One of which I actually got another Nutmeg and Spice) and one in the scent Merry Cookie!  I also purchased a 3 wick candle snowflake holder.  For my mom's Christmas present, I got her 2 mini candles and a mini candle holder that looks like a snowman!  SUPER CUTE!!!!

Mini Candle I Received for FREE in my Voxbox!

Two 3 Wick Candles I went back and purchased after receiving my mini candle.  Complete with a 3 wick Snowflake holder!

3 Wick Candle to Hand Size Comparison! :)

Snowman Mini Candle Holder

One of the Mini Candles and Snowman Holder I got my mom for Christmas!  :)
(Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog)

All in all...I HIGHLY recommend this candle!  And right now is the time to stock up for the Holidays!