Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mini Candle, GIANT Scent!

I received a free mini candle in my Beauty Blogger Voxbox from  Influenster and Bath and Body Works . It was a White Barn candle in the scent Nutmeg and Spice and OMG did it smell amazing.  Yes, I put that in the past tense because it's already gone, and I loved it so much, I went out and bought another!  LOL.  A three wick this time around so it'll last longer!  :)  The mini candles are normally $3.50, but as of right now, Bath and Body works is having a sale, and you can get 2 for $5!!!!  Great deal!  They make GREAT stocking stuffers!!!!  The larger 3 wicks are on sale right now also!  2 for $20!  They are normally $20 a piece!  GREAT DEAL!  I ended up buying 2 large 3 wick candles the other day (One of which I actually got another Nutmeg and Spice) and one in the scent Merry Cookie!  I also purchased a 3 wick candle snowflake holder.  For my mom's Christmas present, I got her 2 mini candles and a mini candle holder that looks like a snowman!  SUPER CUTE!!!!

Mini Candle I Received for FREE in my Voxbox!

Two 3 Wick Candles I went back and purchased after receiving my mini candle.  Complete with a 3 wick Snowflake holder!

3 Wick Candle to Hand Size Comparison! :)

Snowman Mini Candle Holder

One of the Mini Candles and Snowman Holder I got my mom for Christmas!  :)
(Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog)

All in all...I HIGHLY recommend this candle!  And right now is the time to stock up for the Holidays!  


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