Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scentsy Plumage Plug In Warmer Review

I was asked by a friend of mine Michelle Smith, who sells Scentsy to do a review in exchange for a free plug in Warmer of my choice.  So of COURSE I said yes and chose the Plumage Plug in Warmer :)  This Warmer has a gorgeously etched porcelain feather that glows against a smooth sea of peacock green.


When lit, you actually see a warm glow illuminating from the feather!  It's gorgeous!  I have really enjoyed it.  The warmer plate can hold NO MORE than 3 Scentsy pieces from a bar.  The only complaint I have with this warmer is it gets a little hot to the touch.  Not enough to
BURN you per say, but enough to let you know you are touching it, more so than my
Larger warmers that I own.  It takes a light bulb specially designed for it from Scentsy, so you have to order one if yours burns out for $1.

This little beauty retails for $20 and you can buy it on my friend Michelle Smith's Scentsy Site.  Host a Party, and you could get it and a bunch more for FREE or 1/2 Price!  Well worth it!

And now for some LOVELY pictures of my Warmer!

Lights Off, Beautiful, inviting GLOW

Hot to the Touch, but not enough to BURN you.  Also great comparison of how big the warmer is vs my hand.

2 Chunks of the Bar in the Warmer Plate here.  I'm using Central Park Pralines in my Warmer today.  My house smells so yummy!  Food smells are my favorite.


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