Saturday, November 3, 2012

Smexy Lashes that are EASY to apply!

I think one of my favorite things out of my 2012 Beauty Blogger Voxbox from Influenster was my Kiss Nails Ever PRO Lashes.  These lashes were amazing!  They were very full and luscious and super easy to apply thanks to the wand that came in the glue and the "tweezer lash applicator".  Also, Kiss has made it to where it's easy to removed them lashes from the packaging so you don't damage the lash and lose it's natural eye curve.  They have seriously thought of EVERYTHING when creating this amazing product!  A+ and I highly recommend them!

Nice packaging lets you see what you are getting.

Easy directions on how to remove lashes!

Slits help to remove lashes without damaging them

Very full looking lashes!



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