Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Julep Maven Review and Swatches

So, 4 days ago, I decided to jump on the Julep wagon.  If you haven't read about what Julep Maven is, you can read my blog about it here.  Anyway, it was mailed on the 30th of April, and I received it today, on May 2.  Granted, it was coming from Washington state, so East Coasters will probably won't get their products in 2 days.  But either way, the shipping was SUPER fast!  I was excited to see this is my mailbox today.

Upon opening it it, I was extremely excited about the ADORABLE packaging (I'm a sucker for cute packaging.  When a company takes pride in their products, it makes me want to take pride in wearing their products!)  
Everything was so neatly packed.  I even received a new emery board :D

The nail polishes themselves were wrapped inside a cute hot pink paper bag, complete with a black ribbon (My two favorite colors, I might add.  Hot pink and Black!!!)  Inside the bag, for even more protection, they were securely wrapped up in bubble wrap to insure safe arrival.  Both polishes arrived safe and sound.  Inside the box were two cards.  One welcoming me to Julep and one telling about the products I received.
Welcome Card

Product Details

Everything I received

The two colors I received are perfect for summer!  I am so in love with Penelope.  It is a BEAUTIFUL baby pink color!    Portia is a pretty glitter polish that will look amazing over a white base.  Each polish is .27 FL OZ.  So, much smaller than your normal bottle.  That's the only draw back, plus they are a bit more than, let's say, OPI or China Glaze.
L-R: Portia and Penelope (Please excuse my nails.  I have a bad habit of biting them)

Size comparison.  .27FL OZ of Julep Polish vs .65FL OZ of Icing/China Glaze Polish

I should have tried the Hand Facial before applying the nail polish, but I was overly excited about swatching them.  :D  Anyway, upon opening the hand scrub, there was a safety tab over the bottle.  Once again, I respect a company that respects their products and their customer's safety.  It smelled like oranges and after reading the ingredients I noticed that it has Orange Oil and Apricot seed powder in it. I followed the instructions of dampening my hands and applying a dime sized amount into my hands.  Then I just scrubbed it in a circular motion and rinsed well.  I can defiantly tell a major difference in the softens of my hands after ONE use!  Living out in Arizona can do a number to your hands, that's for sure!  The Hand Facial retails for $32 for a 3OZ full size, and that's what I received!


After (Not sure if you can tell a difference, but to me, the after looks a bit more even toned.)

Dime sized amount

Hand Scrub details

All in all, I am very please with my first Julep box!  The total retail for everything I received is $60 and I only paid a penny this month!  Next month it will go back up to $20 a month, but if I continue to receive twice what I pay in product, it's totally worth it!  Thank you Julep Maven!  You have a new addict!

If you would like to sign up for Julep Maven, click the link below!


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Nice! I'm not as crazy over nail polish as I am about makeup, only because I've been a compulsive biter my whole life. All I have are stubs.. your nails look perfect compared to mine lol :( But this does look fun, I'm glad you got good stuff! That baby pink polish is super cute!

AtomicBombshell2005 said...

I am more of a makeup person too. The only reason I even own nail polish is for my toes because I honestly can't keep from biting them.

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