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Victorian Disco Cosmetics Review

YAY!  Time for another Review!  FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!  I purchased these items (Except for the freebies that were included for a misunderstanding)  I was not paid in any way to do this review.  This is my honest opinion.

This time it's a Indie Makeup Company.  Victorian Disco Cosmetics is a completely vegan, cruelty-free company based out of Chicago, IL  They believe in bringing pigmented, bright and fun cosmetics to the vegan world, as well as having fun with names and geeky-based collections! Each shadow is hand mixed and is NEVER repackaged under any circumstance, we believe in unique products here, not repackaged every day colors. (Used word for word from their site)

The company opened in December of 2011 on and reviews from bloggers and youtubers pretty much forced Ashley, the owner, to create a Domain name.  As you can see, it's a VERY new company.  But even though it's new, I have nothing but RAVES about it. :)

I placed my order on May 1, 2012, and got it today, May 25, 2012.  "That's a LONG time" I am sure you are saying.  But here's the deal, Ashley was about to go on vacation the day after I ordered, so she ended up not having time to send out the package before she left.  Not a problem.  I wouldn't cancel my planned vacation to get stuff out, plus she let everyone know what was going on on Facebook before leaving.  She got back a week later, and I got my shipping conformation via email from the USPS on the 15th.  6 days later, the tracking was still "Electronic Notification".  So, I emailed Ms. Ashley, and told her my situation.  He was very apologetic, and said that this has happened quite a few times recently with the post office.  After searching her office and not finding anything, Ashley contacted the USPS, and they said they couldn't find the package anywhere.  So, she emailed me back, letting me know what had happened, once again apologized and mailed out a new package on the 22nd with EXTRA GOODIES for my troubles :)  I received it today, the 25th.  So, if it hadn't been for the stupid USPS, I would have gotten my first package in 3 business days.  My first package is lost in the void somewhere.  So, I may or may not get it.  If I do, I may do a give away....

ANYWAY, after everything was cleared up, I was excited to see my package in the mailbox today :D

Not to mention seeing "FRAGILE" on the package gave me a chuckle because it made me think of "A Christmas Story" with the Leg Lamp.

The packaging was SO stinking cute!  I LOVE Hello Kitty, and once again BLACK AND HOT PINK!!! Also included was a business card and a home made scratch off discount card.

YAY for 20% off my next purchase!!!!

Hand written Thank You.  Those always make me feel like I actually MEAN something to the owners.

I ordered The full Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) collection in the 1gram jars for $24, the Rinoa and Squall Pair from the Crystalline Affections collection, the Tidus and Yuna Pair from the Crystalline Affections (Final Fantasy) Collection (Both in the 1gram jars.  $4 each), Wookie Noises, Lightspeed, and Emperor (All the 1g size.  All from the Galaxy Far Far Down The Street (Star Wars) Collection, all $2 a piece).  Since the 1g mini jars do not come with the labels on them, I was able to purchase the stickers to put on the jar lids for $0.10 each.  Ms. Ashley even put them on the jars for me :)  My EXTRAS that she included were Hunter's Girlfriend from the Brains 4 Beauty (Left 4 Dead) collection, Choppa Gunna Glitter from the Care Package Glitters Collection and Ewok Pajama Party, obviously from the Star Wars collection.  LOL  The two samples I received were The Timeless One from the Azeroth (WoW )Collection and Youngling from the Star Wars Collection.

Adorable Stickers on the Jar Lids

Final Fantasy based colors.  Yuna was my favorite out of all of these.  There are still more from this collection I need to purchase.

Star Wars Based colors out of the ones I bought.  I LOVE THEM ALL!!  Seriously.  Lightspeed looks like the night sky.  A dark grey color with all kinds of tiny glitter in it.  Wookie Noises, which I mainly bought because of the name, is an amazing brown color with a satin finish. But my favorite of these three has to be Emperor.  It's purplish black color with light pink glitter in it.  Almost reminds me of MAC's Beauty Marked, just not as dark.

Out of these first three of the Sailor Moon collection, Tuxedo Mask was my favorite. It's kind of a darker purple color and very satiny.  It's not that sparkly and blends really well with other colors.  As for Sailor Moon, I was a little disappointed in this color.  Seeing that the Sailor Moon character is my FAVORITE off the show, I was expecting it to be my favorite of the eyeshadows.  The light golden color, while beautiful, didn't excite me as much as I would have liked.  Rini is a pretty baby pink.

Ah, the Kittys.  :)  These colors really impressed me.  Staying true to the characters, the colors are amazing!  Artemis us going to make an awesome highlight color.  It looks white in the picture, but it's got a grey undertone to it which is pretty amazing!  Luna is a pretty dark grey, almost black color with mild shimmery glitter.  Diana makes me smile.  It is the epitome of  the little purple kitty that won our hearts later in the seasons.  It is also one of my favorites.

Venus is a pretty satin sherbet orange.  Mercury is a beautiful oceany color with specks of silver glitter in it.  Perfect for the Scout of Water/Ice.  Mars to me, should have been a bit more red, but to keep the colors Vegan, I can understand why it's not.  It is a really pretty brick red though with a satin finish.

The Outer Senshi are beautiful colors as well!  Pluto is a pretty grassy green color which almost matches the Scout's hair color.  Uranus is an AMAZING bright yellow color with small specks of silver glitter in it.   And Neptune is a really pretty aqua with a satin finish.

The last of the Sailor Moon collection are Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Saturn.  These two colors are AMAZING, and look amazing together!    Jupiter is a BEAUTIFUL lime green color with a low shimmer.  It reminds me a LOT of Sugarpill's Absinthe.  While not as pigmented as Sugarpill, this color has GREAT color.  Sailor Saturn is a GORGEOUS purple with a low shimmer.  It reminds me a lot of BFTE's Grape.  These two are some of my favorites that I got in this package.

Last, but not least, my "STUPID USPS" Freebies.  LOL, at least that's what I'm going to call them! :)
L-R: Hunter's Girlfriend, Ewok Pajama Party and Choppa Gunna Glitter.
While all three are amazing, I LOVE Ewok Pajama Party!!!!  This picture does NOT do this color justice!

The two sample baggies included Youngling on the left and The Timeless One on the Right.  Youngling is a pretty lavender/lilac color. The Timeless One won my heart the moment I swatched it.  I MUST have this color!!!!  It is a GORGEOUS coppery color.

All in all, this baby company is going to make a huge impact in the cosmetics world!  Catering to the world of beauty and the world of Geekdom has won Victorian Disco Cosmetics a place in my makeup bag!  I will be making another purchase from them very soon!


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