Saturday, April 14, 2012


First and foremost, there is one thing you must know about me.  I am a BFTE (Beauty From the Earth) ADDICT!!!!  There are really no words to describe my obsession for this company!  I mean, seriously, my username is named after two of their AWESOME colors.  Atomic Teal and Bombshell :)  If you've never heard of this company, let me give you a little insight!  The owner, Crystal, has created AMAZING products!  Super pigmented, super blendable and a price that is very reasonable!  They even have sample sizes if you can't chose  just one color.

But anyway, the reason behind this post is this.  A HAUL!!  :D  YAY!  LOL

So without further deput

Pink Ribbon, Red Hot, Red Velvet, Dusty Rose, Wildfire, Fawn and Carrot Cake

Waiting on my Prince, Thistle, Lavender, Rock You, Cheeky, Lovestruck, Within Reason, Last Dance and Patriot

Beach House, G Kelly, Bombshell, Message in a Bottle, Elegant, Poseidon and Walking on Water

Limelight, Canyon, Suede, Sensuous, Cocoa, Mississippi Mud, Rockstar, Sweet Nothings and Pewter

Out of everything, my two FAVORITES are Bombshell and Cheeky!  They all blow my mind though!  :)  If you are interested, here's the BFTE website address:


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I love Bombshell and Cheeky! I love all of these.. I don't have some of these but I need them.. muahaha!

AtomicBombshell2005 said...

LOL, BFTE is like a drug, isn't it Em :D

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