Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Myglam vs April Birchbox

There are so many subscription sites out there.  I've chosen to do Birchbox and Myglam (possibly Beauty Army soon).  If any of you don't know, Birchbox and Myglam are Subscription services where you pay $10 a month and receive 5-6 deluxe beauty product samples.  Birchbox is aimed more towards  skincare, hair care and body care with SOME makeup, while Myglam is more towards the makeup end.  This is my first month for both.  After reviewing both, I was skeptical about Myglam and excited for Birchbox.  But when they finally came in the mail, my expectations for both where shot out of the water.  Myglam for the better, Birchbox for the worse.

First off.  They both shipped on the 10th of April (On time for both)  Myglam was coming from Cali and Birchbox from NY.  I figured Myglam would get here before Birchbox.  And I was right.  But I didn't realize it was going to take Birchbox 8 freaking days to get here (I understand that I live in AZ, and they have 7-10 days to get the product here....but when my mom ships me stuff from NC, it gets here no later than 4 days).

Since I got Myglam first, I'll start off with it.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the bright, shiny hot pink package in my mail box last week!

I opened up to find an ADORABLE baby pink, metallic makeup bag for this month.  Filled with all kinds of goodies :D

Eyelashes, 2 Natural Hair Brushes, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion and Dermastore Lip Quench.

  • Eyelashes: I got a natural set.  :)  They are really pretty.  I haven't actually tried them out yet, but I LOVE the shape of them.

  • Myglam Brushes:  Shadow and Angle liner brush. Super cute.  I'm kinda upset that I didn't get last months bag.  So now my next won't be complete :(  Oh well.  LOL.  The brushes seem pretty good.  They are made out of horse hair and are pretty dense.  The "Myglam" logo is on the handle in silver

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner: I've been using this since I got the bag and I LOVE it.  I'll probably end up buying the actual pencil when I run out of this sample.  But the sample it's self is pretty darn big!  I'm pretty impressed!  As for the color, I was extremely happy getting Perversion which is a DEEP black.  A lot of Youtubers were getting the different colors, and I was HOPING for the black one, and I was lucky enough to get it!  :D  I'm super happy!

  • Dermastore Lip Quench: The first day I put this stuff on, my lips were super dry.  I've been using it now for about a week, and my lips are a lot better!  The only down fall, it has a weird smell (To me).  It's got like a sickening sweet fruity smell to it when applied.  But after about 5 minutes, it dissipates and is completely bearable. :)  It feels wonderful on.  It's also supposed to plump your lips.


So, that was my Myglam bag.  Now onto my Birchbox.  Ok.  This is my very first month with them, but I've watched a lot of Youtube videos of what people got this month, and comparing to those, my box was a FLOP.  I did like the perfume I got, and will probably buy a bottle THROUGH Birchbox after I get my 100 points from reviewing products.  Birchbox, unlike Myglam, has a store that you can purchase everything in your box.  Also, if you review the samples you get, you get 10 points for each review.  After 100 points are accumulated, you get $10 off a purchase from their store.  So, the rewards program is amazing :)  Now, as for what I got in my Birchbox.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape, Shu Uemura Protective Hair Oil, Juicy Conture Viva La Juicy, 
Stila Smokey Eye Card, and Befine Skincare Sampler

Ok, I'll admit, it looks pretty good.  Not sure how much I'll use the Fashion Tape, and my friend Molly is getting the Stila card (Because I have enough eyeshadows to create a smokey eye and I already own two of the colors on the card).  So, it's a DECENT box.  But when you see people on Youtube getting exfoliating facial clothes and Zoya nail tape (Which I have some of another brand) just doesn't stack up!  I am really hoping I like the facial scrub and I have been needing a new facial moisturizer. From what I've heard, Birchbox has done this before with the Beauty Blender.  (A $20 item was included in some boxes, and not in others).  Just like this month, some people got the MicrodermaMitt Face Mitt (Valued at $28.50) and Zoya nail polish (Which a full bottle is $8, but the sample is close in size).  I don't know.  Just doesn't seem fair.  But it's not enough for me to cancel my subscription.  It may have just been because I'm NEW.  LOL  Who knows.  But I'll give them another couple of months to impress me.  I mean, it's only $10.

  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets: Fashion Tape.  These double sided sticky strips help conquer wandering bra straps and unruly hems (Full Size $4.99-8.99)
  • Shu Uemura: Essence Absoulue  Nourishing Protective Oil.  Stylists call this luxurious oil "Liquid gold".  It keeps strands soft and sliky, with plenty of high-watt shine and volume (Full size $68)
  • Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy.  This scent will bring out your inner girly girl.  Wild berries flirt with mandarin and soft floral notes to create a fragrance that's fun and happy.  (Full size $69-89)
  • stila: Smokey Eye Card.  Take the guesswork out of matching eye makeup with this mini palette of three shadows (Three full size shadows $45)
  • Befine: Skincare Sampler.  Easy does it.  This exfoliator and moisturizer duo uses gentle ingredients like rice and brown sugar to keep skin supple and healthy (full size $24-25)


M said...

I *think* for your first box, they send leftover samples from previous months. I got leftovers in my first box, and I've seen other reviewers who have as well. It sucks, especially since they should be trying to make an impression, but you should wait it out a couple more months and see if you start getting better samples. :)

AtomicBombshell2005 said...

I hope so!!!! And I'm with you! They SHOULD try to make an impression for the newbies! LOL

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I thought I followed you already! How did I miss that lol I dunno.. anyway.. both bag and box look good to me! I've been wanting to sign up for myglam since they started several months ago, though the first bag was amazing and then they kinda got dumpy after that. Supposedly they're stepping up their game now so hopefully they will get better! Maybe I'll give them a try sometime. $10 really isn't that much for a whole month. This whole review was amazing, very straightforward and professional. Great job Bree, and thanks for the info!<33

AtomicBombshell2005 said...

You really should Em! I would suggest getting on the Myglam train before the Birchbox. I haven't had anything bad to say about Myglam just yet. Birchbox is kinda the one slacking now. LOL

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