Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fortune Cookie Soaps: THE SOAP BOX Review

First off, I think this will be one of my all time favorite subscription boxes!  It's a quarterly subscription (You only receive it 4 times a year, and are only billed 4 times a year)  You pay $19.99 for their subscription box, but you get A LOT of things!  If you want to find out more about it, please see Fortune Cookie Soap's Soap Box page linked here:  Soap Box Info.

In the June 2012 Summer Soap box, I received 9 items, plus two adorable extras.  The list includes the following:

1 oz Whipped cream in "Pinky Swear"- Smells like some sort of candy, but I can't put my finger on it
A Full Size Fortune Cookie Soap in "Sand Dollar" with a succulent peach scent (complete with fortune)
1 oz "Summer Sweet Tea" hand sanitizer- Smells very lemony!  I love it!
1 oz body wash in "Road Trip" smells very floral and summery
1 Mini Flip Flop bath fizzy in "Private Beach".  Has a hint of gardenia.  Smells amazing!
An Adorable sample of their fun, new, Sparkle Me! Body Spray in "Beach Bunny"  Smells like 80s                  Sunscreen.
1 oz sample of their dry shampoo in "Wish You Were Here"- Smells fruity and floral
1 Sample of Hydrate Me!  A New conditioning bar in "Pool Party"-Smells like fruity candy
1 Sample of the Sugar Fix, a new solid sugar scrub in Sugar Britches.  Smells very floral.
1 ADORABLE temporary tattoo (Extra)
1 mini sea shell (Extra)

I bought the Soap Box before I left for vacation.  There was no waiting list because this company isn't as well known yet like Birchbox or Myglam.  The day after I purchased it, I received my shipping info.  Super fast shipping let me tell you!  It got to my house the day we left for vacation on the 4th.  I was bummed knowing it was at my house and I wasn't able to open it.  The Soap Box comes in a Small Flat Rate Box with a cute pink "The Soap Box" sticker on the front.  When you open it, the card telling what the contents are is on top.

Upon removing, a sticker holds the tissue paper closed keeping the contents a surprise!

All of my Goodies! <3

Close up of the Sugar Scrub.  It almost feels like a gum drop.

Up close view of my Fortune Cookie Soap.  This thing is about the size of my palm!  A very nice size!
My Fortune said:
Blondes may have more fun, but Brunettes remember it the next day.
Too cute!


Pinkypink said...

Love that fortune cookie! omg!

AtomicBombshell2005 said...

It is cute isn't it!!!! You get about 50 uses out of it before it falls apart, so, that's pretty good :) And they smell AWESOME!

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